(Trinity Community Church Youth)

TCCY meets Wednesdays (September-April) from 6:30-8:30pm and includes 5th-12th grade.

Here at Trinity, we are all about getting real with ourselves, one another, and God. Our goal each week is to encounter some aspect of God’s character and Word, and then apply it to our lives. We believe that youth isn’t about just sitting through another boring lesson–youth group is about spurring one another on toward change, and then bringing that change into our schools, families, and work places.

Students can expect a safe, welcoming, and fun environment each and every week. We know that God created us to have fun and to be social, so we make time for games and fun activities every time we meet. Our relationships with one another is the second most important thing behind our relationship with God.

TCCY exists to:

  • Equip students to develop a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Grow students in the character of Jesus Christ
  • Challenge students to be not only hearers of the Word but doers of the Word
  • Encourage students to be themselves while not being comfortable with sin 
  • Empower students to create life-changing relationships with non-believers

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