Where is God When…

There are a number of moments in life that when you feel like throwing your hands in the air, and just crying out for help.  In this three week sermon series, we are going to ask the question God where are you in those challenging moments?


September 7 Isaiah 40:27-31….it hurts

You wonder at the loss of a loved one, after a hard conversation, when tragedy strikes.  God where are you when it hurts?  What if I told you that God is far closer than you might think in those moment of hurt and pain?


September 14 Isaiah 43:1-3 …I’m tired

Life expects us to run 24/7 just to keep up. The truly efficient people someone fit 25 hours into their days.  It’s exhausting just thinking about what is on your calendar next week.  God challenges us to rethink that pace, and remind us that we are not built to always be tired, but to rest in him.


September 21 Psalm 13…you feel far away

Sometimes God just feels far away.  You may not even be able to put your finger on why, but He feels far away.  The psalms lift up honest prayers that confront God in those moments, openly wondering where God is at, but trusting that He is near even when it’s hard to feel it.