Summer of being

One of the most life-giving hobbies that I have is distance running.  I run 30-50 miles a week as I prepare to run 2-3 races between 13.1-26.2 miles each calendar year.  Yet what this habits reminds me is that I am working to grow in not always moving.  You can hear it just talking with me, and I am guessing as you all speak with one another.  Typically when someone asks me, “how was your day?”  My answer is filled with doing statements.  I went to a meeting, I wrote the sermon, I visited 2 people.  One after another the list is filled with the things I have done.

This summer I am blessed to have a sabbatical time of learning, reflection and renewal among other things.  The driving vision this summer is: for me (and others) to live most fully into our God-given design.  That is not compiled from a list of things I can do but instead the Christ follower God made me to be.  This summer my journey will be shifting from a journey of doing, to being.  Who did God create me to be?  Who is God calling me to become?

So regularly during this summer (planning to post Monday’s) I will share my reflections on this journey of being.  Don’t worry I will still share some of the incredible things I get to do this summer, but I am planning for this to be a space for me to share a bit of my journey focused on being those who choose to come along with me.  Official start of this adventure is June 5th, so keep your eye out for more updates!!!