New Series: Multiply

Multiply: Money Matters

October 19- Exodus 13: 1-2, 13-15- God First

The bible says, that we are to put God first when it comes to money?  What does that mean?  How does the way I use my financial resources reflect or not reflect this idea?  Why does God come first when it comes to the money I earn anyway?


October 26- Luke 6:19-25 What drives you? What are you a slave to?


November 2- 2 Corinthians 9:6-10 – Sowing and Reaping

If you plant corn seed, you get corn, not tomatoes.  Sounds simple right?  What kinds of seed are we planting when it comes to our resources, and the attitude that we use them with?  Are we planting with faith that God will grow them, or carefully hiding our seeds away?


November 9- Genesis 4:3-7- Heart of a Giver

Ever think about why you give of your time and money in the way that you do?  Even with the purest intentions it can be hard not to want some thanks, someone to notice.  But


November 16- Mark 6:30-44- it grows when you give it away

One of the hardest parts of giving money to someone else is the giving.  It’s gone, it’s not mine any more.  Scripture reminds us that in God’s economy the best way to grow someone or something it to give it away, because we can’t out give God.