Light the Fire


On January 1st for my 30th birthday I said to myself I am going to run 3.0 miles.  So at 9am I laced up my shoes, bundled up and headed out for a run.  If you have not gone out early in the morning before without music or other distractions, I would encourage you to try it, it was so peaceful, so serene.  The world seemed so at peace, or at least everyone was still sleeping after their New Year’s parties.  As I ran listening to the rhythm of the snow crunching under my shoes, the Holy Spirit prompted me with this simple challenge:

Holy Spirit light a fire inside my soul that consumes anything that is not of God, and refine all that is, so I can live radically obedient to God in 2014.

At first I was excited, ok God let’s do this, let’s get fired up.  But with over a mile left till I arrive at home, there was plenty of time to reflect on what this meant.  Step by step my excitement shifted to a realization: this is a scary call, I am not entirely sure what it means, but I am clear it’s a call God has given to me.

As I reflected on 2013, and think of all the good and bad, I found myself stuck in a number of excuses.  I was quick to create a litany of excuses of why it’s ok that I fell short, why I am not living into who God made me to be, and reminded me exactly why this call on my life is scary.  It means transformation, and likely change.  It means shuffling priorities based on God, not my own preferences.

I believe that as we start this New Year God is calling to you, leading you, prompting you.  And to discover that will take listening, and creating space to listen.  Both challenging to find in our 24/7 lives.  My challenge to you, carve out the space.  Turn off the cell phone for an hour, spend an hour less on Facebook, twitter, snap chat, or Instagram.  Get up an extra hour early, or stay up an extra hour late.  Carve out space so that you can listen to what God may be saying to you, carve out space because it matters, carve out space because what He may have to say to you is transformation, carve out space because God cares for you and has a purpose for you.  And as you listen, ask God, what do you have for me in 2014, or for my family, or at my job?  I am excited to hear how God will speak to you, and what impact God’s leading will have on you in 2014.  How is God speaking to you?


Pastor Bill