Good Vibrations

The lights dim in the movie theater, the stadium starts to roar as fans jump to their feet; you can feel the rumbling and hear the noise of the parade in the distance.  Then something happens, the feature film starts on the movie screen, the players come running out of the locker room, the marching bands and floats pass by in the street.  For each you knew something was about to happen before it ever did.  You could feel it, you could sense it.  The lights dimming told you the movie was going to start, the fans roaring before the players entered the field, the vibrations of the drums and feet of the marching band in the parade, all serve as signs of something that is yet to come.

We read in the bible in Isaiah 6 when Isaiah experiences this first hand.  It says, “At the sound of their voices the door posts and thresholds shook and the temple was filled with smoke.” (Isaiah 6:4, TNIV)  Kind of sounds like a rock concert doesn’t it?  The temple literally is shaking on the foundation, filling with smoke, all to show that God is showing up.  I had someone say to me a few weeks back, I wish God would reach out to me in blatant ways that he did in Scripture.  I wish he would come to my living room, fill my house with smoke, write a note to me in the stars, just something easy to understand and hard to miss.

Who says God is not trying to speak to us?  At a movie no one gets scared when the lights go down, no one thinks that the power is out, instead we get excited that the movie is beginning, we anticipate the movie coming.  When everyone stands up, and cheers real loud, we get excited because we know it is about time for our team to take the field.  When we hear noise and rumblings in a distance at the beginning of a parade, our heart skips a beat because we know that they are on the move coming our way soon.  We learn to make sense of the commotion, the vibrations, and get excited because the vibrations tell us something big is about to happen.  There is a tangible sense of expectation that we experience.

What if God has something huge brewing for our lives right now?  Would we even know that it is coming?  Are we even listening to see if there are some good vibrations coming that we would tell us something big from God is just around the corner?

Pastor Bill

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you believe that God can show up in our lives?  What might it look like?
  2. What vibrations might we sense that tell us God is up to something?
  3. Do you sense any vibrations of God at work in your life right now?  How?