Dealing with Anger

If you want to get your day started off on a good note, I would not recommend watching or reading the news.  I believe it is critical to be informed, but I am just telling you, starting your day with the news often gets people just out right mad.  Just look at the headlines in the last few weeks.  George Zimmerman’s trial concludes, and there are protests, riots, marches, and a racially driven crime in the city of Milwaukee.  The people of Egypt throw out another leader and continue to angrily protest looking for change.  Angry, seething congress members plaster the news trying to stop the health care law passed 2 years ago, even after it makes it through the Supreme Court.  Talking heads tell us America is doomed, unless we do what they tell us, or what their party wants.  It is downright depressing, and hard not to come away angry and cynical.


We read in Ephesians 4:26, Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold.”  But the impact of anger is more far-reaching.  A study published in the Huffington Post ( shares that negativity, specifically anger and grudges, lowers the immune system, impacts metabolism, and even disrupt bodily rhythms that makes you more susceptible to disease or illness.


But this is not about feel-good, think happy thoughts, pop psychology.  I believe what we read in Ephesians is a reminder that hard wired every part of the human body, and in His wisdom we hear this warning about the impact of anger and grudges, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


I don’t suggest ignoring the world around you, or pasting a fake smile on your face, but just a simple reminder from Ephesians about the impact of anger in our lives.  It’s so easy to get worked up about politics, traffic, work, or even our favorite show or sports team.  Ephesians brings a reality check of the greater impact it has on us, and specifically in our faith and walk with God and others.


Pastor Bill