Be Real pt.2

“You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise;
you perceive my thoughts from afar.”

Psalm 139:1-2

Last week we started to talk about this idea of being real with yourself.  Honesty and authenticity are buzz words and concepts that I believe sound nice, but in reality can be very challenging to practice.  I am defining authenticity as “saying what is so for you, when it’s easier not to, and in such a way that allows others to do the same.”  Today we shift the idea of authenticity with God.  As you read verses like Psalm 139 authenticity with God seems to be a no brainer.  God knows me, He created me, and He knows everything going on in my mind before I even do.

As we look in the mirror seeking authenticity, most of us are not entirely authentic in our relationship with God.  No matter how much we believe that God knows all our thoughts, we still try to keep secrets from God, or we only let God in, but only so much.  We share our thoughts with God, but only if they fit the mold of what we were told was ok to share with God when we were children.  We know that God is aware of every thought but often are not honest and open with God about our struggles, our doubts, and our temptations.  I have met with a number of individuals who will even say to me how angry they are with God for taking away a loved one, or their job, for the struggles their children have, or crisis that they have to deal with.  Yet when I ask most if they have shared that with God, they simple give me a quizzical look.

If you desire to grow in the value of authenticity, a key part is being authentic in your interaction and relationship with God.  God is big enough to hear your complaints, strong enough to bear your struggles, and compassionate enough to comfort you in the low spots.  Authenticity is risky and messy, but I believe what is central to being fully alive and fully human.


Pastor Bill