X-Ray Glasses

When I was a kid one of the special moments I remember was getting the prize out of the cereal box.  For whatever reason silly cereal companies put the prize under the bag of cereal, and my Mom would make us wait to get through the cereal to enjoy the prize.  But once you ate the last bowl, it was time to enjoy the amazing, life-changing free cereal prize.  Of all the great freebies my favorite one was a special pair of glasses that allowed you to read codes and see pictures on the back of unique cereal boxes that no one else could.  It made you part of a special group of people who could see things that no one else could.


Each day most of us wake up and follow a routine.  You shower, eat breakfast, drive the same route to work everyday, you eat lunch at the same time, you run the same errands.  You arrive home and someone asks, how your day was and most of the time your answer is, fine, normal, nothing strange, nothing memorable.  Everyday though we walk right by opportunities for our day to be outstanding, memorable, and even change someone else’s life.  To see this all you need is special God vision glasses.  Each day God fills our days with opportunities; opportunities to comfort people, to show God’s love, to pray, to talk, to be Christ to those around us.


At your kid’s soccer game, the woman you always sit next to just separated from her husband but you only find out because you notice the tone in her voice is unusual and her makeup is not quite what it usually is.  You notice the catty cashier at the grocery store is looking for someone to talk with.  They used to be a corporate professional but in the down economy, lost that job, and now struggle to make ends meet as a grocery store clerk.  You could be the bright spot in their otherwise gloomy day.  Your co-worker who seems to be unusually chipper at work is hoping someone would take the time to ask how they really are and to really listen.  He is looking for someone to celebrate with that he and his wife are pregnant with the first child after trying many times.


You will not find these God vision glasses at the bottom of a cereal box but Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit provides this for all who believe in Jesus.  We all have the chance to change the world everyday, even on “normal” days.  So I want to close praying the lyrics of Brandon Heath’s song “Give Me Your Eyes,” (you can check out the music video on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5AkNqLuVgY&ob=av3e)


Give me your eyes for just one second.  

Give me your eyes so I can see everything that I keep missing.

Give me your love for humanity.


God we pray, give us God vision, so that we might see the opportunities that you place before each of us to change the world with the Good News.


Pastor Bill


Discussion Questions

  1. Where do you typically expect God to show up, or to be at work at?
  2. How would you react if God showed you an opportunity to change a life today?
  3. Before you stop walk away from this, pray for God to open your eyes as you go through your “normal” day that we might be his ambassadors, the salt and light of the world everywhere we go.