Wanna Get Away

A few years ago Southwest Airlines had a humorous series of commercials that all ended with the line, wanna get away? The commercials all talked about challenges of life that made you just want to get on a plane and go somewhere else for a break.  Last week as a church we looked at Luke 5:16 as we began to explore what it means to be a disciples of Jesus.

“But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.”

Jesus set an example for all of us as disciples that we need to get away.  Disciples of Jesus need to have a reflective lifestyle, where we intentionally carve out space to hear the still small voice of Jesus leading and guiding us.  Jesus paints such a powerful picture in Luke 5 of what this looks like.  In this passage it says that crowds had gathered to hear Jesus speak, and to be healed from their illnesses, and then Jesus goes to get away knowing that there was work left to do, and people left to see.  Jesus intentionally carved out space in the midst of a busy ministry life to listen to the still small voice of God, knowing that it kept Him grounded, focused, and reminder of His call and purpose.  Jesus did not wait for life to give him a break to slow down, He set aside time and space to for God, for reflection, for listening.

How do you get away in the midst of all the responsibilities and demands on your life?  If you wait for life to give you a break, you are going to be waiting for bus that is never arriving.  Getting away is not just about sitting in silence, it’s about building space into life as you know it.  It’s turning off the radio in the car, leaving your iPod home when you walk the dogs, taking time riding the elevator to pray, listening for God’s wisdom in the middle of a heated meeting.  Disciples get away, so what does getting away look like for you?


Pastor Bill