Walk the Line

When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem.

Luke 9:51


I have read this verse a multitude of times before, yet I don’t believe that I have felt the weight of it as I did this week.  Jesus had just finished telling his disciples what is going to happen to Him.  He would be arrested, mocked, beaten, betrayed, and killed.  This is what is waiting for Him in the town of Jerusalem, and Jesus knows it as he stood on the road to Jerusalem.


When I picture this verse I see a steely eyed Jesus with a face of determination.  The phrase set his face, is more than an acknowledgement that Jesus turned his head towards Jerusalem.  Often in scripture to set your face referred to your entire being and presence.  In that moment Jesus fully engaged himself to the task ahead.


As I read this verse it is overwhelming to think what must have been going through Jesus’ head.  This is what I came here for; this is my Father’s Will.  To think that Jesus had you and I mind as he stood on that road is a great reminder of the Good News of the gospel.


Jesus, knowing what was waiting for Him went ahead intentionally for you and me.  Jesus didn’t hesitate or waver, because He knew what was at stake.  Our relationship with God, our Hope, and our sins.  Jesus looked at the gruesome road ahead, thought of you and I, and as the scripture says, set his face to go to Jerusalem.



Pastor Bill