Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Luke 9:24 NIV


Faith in God makes sense until it doesn’t anymore.  Faith in God is sometimes easier to understand cognitively than in actual reality.  It makes sense in our heads, but is much harder to translate to the world we live in.  The Father in this passage struggled with this deeply.  He was honest with the struggle between belief and faith.  He believed that God’s promises were real, for someone, in some circumstance, just not sure about him.  He knew God was supposed to be able to do impossible things, but when the impossible was what his own son needed, he struggled to believe God could do that in his life.


Help my unbelief when I hang onto money as if my life depended on it, instead of hanging onto You.


Help my unbelief when I make decisions for comfort, instead of doing your will.


Help my unbelief when in my heart I know you are calling, but my heads turns away, or justifies not following You.


Help my unbelief when I want to hang onto control instead of trusting you.


Help my unbelief so that my actions reflect my faith in You.


Help my unbelief when it’s easier to trust in things I can see, than in a God that is invisible.


Help my unbelief when I my actions don’t match my words.


Help my unbelief.




Pastor Bill


Discussion Question

  1. Complete this sentence, Help my unbelief…
  2. Take some time to lift this up to God, and pray for forgiveness for the unbelief you struggle with.