Learning or Doing

Growing up catholic I was taught that Christian education, and things like catechism were very high priorities when it came to my faith.  I went to classes, memorized prayers and liturgies, and by a young age I was quite the student of the church.  I knew a great deal about Catholic catechism, and could pass […]

Count the Cost

This past week we talked in our message about Jesus call to count the cost of following Him.  So often we think of the challenges of following Jesus, and forget that Jesus is partnered with a promise in John 10:10: I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Part of counting the […]

Wanna Get Away

A few years ago Southwest Airlines had a humorous series of commercials that all ended with the line, wanna get away? The commercials all talked about challenges of life that made you just want to get on a plane and go somewhere else for a break.  Last week as a church we looked at Luke 5:16 […]

Parenting Styles of God

A few weeks ago my wife and I welcomed our first child, Will, into the world.  One of my biggest adjustments since Will’s arrival is the idea that I am now officially a parent, and responsible for that little life.  A friend asked recently, what style of parenting will you be using?  Do you prefer […]

Count the Cost

Each day we make choices and decisions.  What to eat for breakfast, to speed or go the speed limit, to be kind to others, or have a chip on your shoulder?  Every decision that we make comes at a cost.  Sometimes the cost is obvious, we chose to buy a product and it’s lowered the […]