Road Block

Right now we are in a series talking wrestling with Jesus words in John 10:10, “I have come so that they may have life and life abundant.”  Jesus makes a promises to us of what life is like following Him and in alignment with His will.  It’s a kind of life that so many people I have spoken with said they want.  What we have been wrestling with is, why is it that so few of us experience this life?  Focus.  Few Christians wake up trying to disobey God, or to seek something less than the abundant life that Jesus promises, yet it doesn’t take long before life…happens.  Work, money, kids, and the list goes on of things that draw our attention away from God, and his promise of the abundant life, and onto something else.  So far in our series we have laid out this chart of what we tend to focus on, compared with what God lays out for us in scripture:

Focus Scriptural Focus
Control God’s Promises
Human Possibility God’s Ability


In the remainder of this series we are going to look at a few more common things that tend to take our focus away from God’s preferred future for our lives, and what God desires us to focus on.  As you reflect, what do you tend to get hung up on?  As you look at life what tends to focus your energy and work?  Money, time, plans, perfection, responsibility, fear, anxiety?  What is holding you back from the abundant life that Jesus promises to those who follow Him?  As we have been reading through scripture in this series it is clear that God often wants and has far more for our lives that most of us experience.  Are there things in your life that tend to draw your attention away from God’s leading and promise of the abundant life?


Pastor Bill