Adult classes

Trinity Trivia Pursuit (Wednesday’s @6:30pm)

Everything you’ve wanted to know about your Christian faith, but haven’t gotten around to exploring.  Each week a number of questions, asked anonymously by you, (see form below) will be answered with Bible verses and research.  This isn’t stump the band, instead it’s a chance to find some answers to questions that have been on your mind – – How do I know what God wants for my life?  Do I have to go to church to get to Heaven?  I attend church pretty often, give money, and pray…does God expect more? How come we use grape juice instead of wine for communion?

No question will be left un-tackled!  So, what are you waiting for, submit your questions, or just show up on Wednesday nights and join the pursuit!!!

The Land, The Culture, and the Book (Wednesday’s @6:30pm)

Throughout the Bible, God communicates his love for his people and emphasizes the mission he gave them using language and images that were especially meaningful to those living at that time.  Because we live in such a different time and place, we often miss what God is saying.  In this class, we will experience how reading the Bible through the eyes of the culture in which it was written adds depth to the text in new and exciting ways.  As one past attendee said, “It’s like I used to see the Bible in black and white, and now I see it in color!”

This will be an all-year class, but you can join in any of the fall, winter, or spring sessions.  In the fall session, we will focus primarily on Israel’s early history, including God making a covenant with Abraham, leading his people out of Egypt, and placing them in the land of Israel.  We will end this session by looking at the events preceding Jesus’ birth, including studying the arrival of John the Baptist and Herod the Great.

Trinity Movers – ZUMBA (Wednesday’s @6:30pm)

Join us each Wednesday as we host an Adaptive Zumba class here at Trinity Community Church. The class is led by a certified instructor from the YMCA. All levels of skill are welcome and great fun is had by all. There is no fee for attending this class.