Objective: Bible


Your word is a lamp to my feet

    and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

From a young age I heard stories from the bible.  As I got older I was even told that it was important that I read it, but what?  What is the objective of reading the bible?  The challenge is that depending on who you speak with, the answer varies greatly.  Often the examples you see, suggest that the purpose of the bible is to be a holy answer book, or even worse the ultimate trump card.  If you can find the right verse from scripture to back up your answer, you win, period.  Often when we use the bible as an answer book, or to prove a point we grab verses that are a drop in hat in the 66 books and over 31,000 verses, and apply them as we see fit to the moment and circumstances that we find ourselves in.  But what if the bible as not meant to be an answer book that often gets used like a magic 8 ball?  What if instead the bible was meant to be our introduction to the heart of God?  What if instead of a being the magic book that answers every moment of history (should Christians use Facebook), it was instead God reveals his heart and story into our lives to guide us?

The bible is God’s revelation, God revealing to us a bit of his heart, his actions, and his plan to guide us.  The bible is not a science book or geography text.  It is God giving us a peak into the story of a God who loves his people deeply, his rebellious people who break his heart again and again; and his pursuit of those people at all costs (even the death of his one and only son).  It give us hope that God’s strength is far greater than the powers of this world, and a reminder that grace is a free gift.

Monday morning I went to my basement as I do most mornings, laced up my shoes and went to head outside for a run.  When I opened the door though things looked a little different than when I went to bed.  I could barely see the building across the street, because of a dense fog.  Most of you know far too well that life can feel like that foggy morning.  Where do I go, what is the right choice?  Maybe God leaves us this reminder in those moments: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. (Isaiah 55:8 NIV).  We worship a God who is far greater than anything our human minds can ever understand.  God’s Word in the Bible is a pictures into a bit of that, to provide us wisdom and guidance as we see a glimpse into God’s heart and story.  Yet, we are reminder that the bible is just a glimpse, it does not solve or answer every question.  In fact if anyone tries to tell you that they have a corner on the total truth, or have the bible code cracked, be careful, God is not real fond of those who believe that can figure out totally, an indescribable, uncontainable God.

Objective Bible: One of God’s intentional efforts to reveal a bit of his heart, thoughts, and relationship with His people over time, to provide guidance and direction in a complex world, to the people who He created, and loves deeply.


Pastor Bill