Mission Starts at Home

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

Acts 1:8


This verse may be one of the most popular verses that churches and pastors refer to in messages, vision statements, and as a rallying call for ministry.  I have seen numerous pastors and teachers explain this verse as a series of co-centric circles of geography.  This begins by calling for the disciples to be Jesus witness in the town they are in, then the region, the area, and the whole world, with each area larger than the last.  The rally call for many churches in this verse is the importance of mission in a variety of locations.  In those sermons, and books there is one location that I rarely here mentioned as a location that mission needs to occur in, our homes.


Typically the call to witness Jesus in Jerusalem is translated to local mission in the neighborhoods and town that we find ourselves living, and I believe that is mostly accurate.  I believe that Jesus description in this verse is a tangible reminder to the disciples of what mission looks like.  Mission is not just found in grass huts in Africa, or in the school down the road, mission is meant to be a lifestyle, not a location.


I have a deep conviction that in our fervor to see lives changed by God through living a missional lifestyle, it can be easy to forget that our first mission field is our homes.  Throughout the New Testament when lists of qualities and characteristics for leaders are listed, there is almost always a reference to how they manage their household.  The early church was not interested in leaders who poured into the church or missional living at the expense of their homes.  It was assumed that to become a leader, you had to first begin with your family as your first mission field.


I regularly hear Christians speak about God bringing their spouse and them together, and the blessing from God that children are, yet it can be easy to focus missional lives everywhere but with the most important people God places in our lives.  What if we poured as deeply and intentionally into our marriages, our children, and our families as so many of you do living missionally through the local church?  Instead of missional living being a program or process, it would be a part of the very fabric of our homes.  Spouses on mission together.  Parents on mission with their children, and siblings on mission hand in hand, the thought of it gets fired up just to write about.  So how will you take Jesus call into your home?  What will it look like for live missionally not in a location, but as the heartbeat that drives all that you do at home, at work, and wherever God calls you.


Pastor Bill

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  1. Great Posting
    Visit our website too- we would welcome your feedback and Prayers. We have copied the introduction to our website below. God bless you in your missional strategies!
    Bill and Karl

    WEcome To Missional Homes
    We would like to welcome you to the Missional Homes website. We are a cross denominational collection of people who believe that God is surely and steadily building His Church. This global movement of God is broader than any particular denomination or local church. As we discover and acknowledge what God is already doing, we find an invitation to join Him. This invitation is all encompassing and incredibly compelling. Life itself becomes the main event. Everything that we are and everything that we have is laid at His feet, at His disposal.
    Many of us tend to take for granted much of what we have been given and consequently miss the significance of these blessings. In North America the vast majority of us own homes or have a roof over our heads. The home can be an incredibly powerful tool for ministry as we reach out to those who have not yet come into relationship with Christ.
    The home can become a hub of missional activity in any neighbourhood.
    If our hearts are open to God and to people, opening our doors is the next logical step.
    Many of us have friends and family come and go with regularity. We gather for holidays. We gather to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, to watch sporting events and a host of other occasions.
    As we share our homes we share our hearts. People cannot possibly remain strangers or even casual acquaintances as they become more involved in our lives.
    Missional Homes is a relationally based approach to advancing the Kingdom in our day and age. It is an intentional effort to use what we have been given to bless others. It is a demonstration of the love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts and our relationships.
    This website represents a virtual presence of people who are actively pursuing ministry through the natural networks in which we live and move on a daily basis.

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