Mark 2:1-12
Jesus Heals

Trinity at Home Discussion Guide 3.22.2020

What stood out to you in this passage?

Why did you think Jesus forgave his sins and healed his body?

How do you see the impact of the paralyzed man’s community on him?


  • Call or facetime at least three people this week, and check in, see how they are doing, ask how you can pray for them, or what they might need.
  • Join at least one of the zoom calls for our church on Tuesday 12-1pm or Thursday 7-8pm this week.

Trinity at home playlist
Youtube worship playlist

They have the same songs whichever format you prefer. There is a new song that we added in light of current circumstances.  Vertical Church released "Faithful Now" this past Friday, and the lyrics seems especially relevant as we worship in our homes this week.

Kids at home

Don't forget Pastor Bill will be on facebook live at 10am Sunday!  Praying for you as you worship this weekend!