Made You Look

Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.”

And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

Acts 2: 41, 47


Made you look.  It’s a phrase you have heard before, from someone trying to get your attention for some reason.  Just think for a moment, what would make you look?  What kinds of things make you suddenly look at something or someone?  If you are teenage boy no matter how pure your motives, when a very attractive female walks by, it’s like your eyes start moving all by themselves, and you look.  Women don’t feel left out because you do the same thing to men.  If you are tech person, you might drool every time that apple gets ready to announce a new product.  There are some tech people who mark their calendars for the latest announcements from apple about their products.  It makes them look.  But what holds them all in common is that what makes us look is uncommon.


The early church was filled with made you look moments.  The two in these verses are right after Peter preaches a message, and we hear that the early church prayed, ate together, and learned about God.  Now those 2 things alone are not out of the ordinary, in fact they are things you would hope most churches do.  What makes the stand out in Acts 2 is that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit in such a way that people are drawn to stop and stare, and ask what is going on there?  We read that as they all stop to stare something happens; they are draw to God, the God who is at work in an unmistakable way in these events.


Do you have a made you look kind of faith?  Are you part of a made you look church?  Made you look doesn’t mean flashy, it means the Holy Spirit at work in such a powerful, unmistakable way, that you can’t help but stop and look at what God is up to.  Are you open to the Spirit doing something out of ordinary?  Are you ready for God to do something in and through you that you could never have envisioned yourself?  Are you open when God leads you or your church in a direction unlike anything you have done before?  When the Holy Spirit is on the move in that kind of way, we see that the impact is significant.  Lives are changed, and people meet God.  I want that kind of faith, I want to be that kind of church, I want to make you look, not at me, but at the work God is doing in and through me and the church.  Can I get an amen?


Pastor Bill


Discussion Question

  1. How have you seen the Holy Spirit working in a “made you look” kind of way in your life?  Your church?