Kingdom Decisions

For the last few weeks we have been talking about 2 ways of being, and investing time and resources:


4 Corners 4 Walls
TCC changes BD forever for Christ Every hope, dream, and wish of yours for TCC comes true
New believers baptized, those far from Christ come near Members retained
We make Kingdom decisions We make decisions with people in mind mostly
Families, marriages transformed We have nice programs for most people
Disciples empowered and sent Disciples learn about God
On fire believers living missional lives is key result of our church Church members are the key results of our church
Worship is dynamic and evolving, while rooted in deep theology Worship is perfect (in your opinion)
Church challenges me

Driven by faith and empowered disciples

Church is safe place

Driven by structure and control


One list is driven by what happens inside the 4 walls of a church, and has a very narrow and people centered perspective.  The second the 4 corners is a broad vision that is God’s Kingdom centered.  Each next few weeks I want to look at the items on the list and share more specifically what these ways of being mean.  This week let’s look at kingdom decisions vs. decisions made with people in mind mostly.


Jesus says in Matthew, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  These words are what led to the idea of kingdom decisions vs. people decisions.  Maybe better would be to ask, by who or what are you making and measuring your decision.  Kingdom decisions are ones that are based in prayer, scripture, and seeking God’s Will for God’s Glory.  This is far different than asking, what would I like, or what is fun, or what is comfortable?  Modern church missiologist, Ed Stetzer wonders in his book, Cracking the Missional Code, how often we make decisions that will sustain a preferred culture.  What He is asking is do you make choices that will allow for more sameness and comfort for you, or are we willing to make choices that could impact God’s Word beyond us?


Kingdom decisions ask how is this faithful to God’s Word?  Are we doing this from our own strength/preferences/goals or seeking God’s?  Are we willing to make ourselves uncomfortable for the sake of the Gospel so that someone else might hear about God or meet him?  Jesus made kingdom decisions when he attended parties and functions with those who the religious elite called untouchable.  The apostle Paul made a kingdom decision when he invited a gentile, a non-church goer, to come into the synagogue with others who worship God.  Jesus call is for us to take the Good News to those far from God, and to be transforming into disciples of Jesus through our lives every day.  Do our choices reflect this, and help us get there?  Or do our choices primarily focus on how it will make me or someone else feel as the highest priority.  Jesus says to his followers, If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” Mark 14:26.  It is clear that Jesus does not want us to disregard our families, instead that God would be such a clear priority in our lives, that it would override our relationships, and personal preferences.  So the question for each of us to ask is, what drives our decision-making?


Pastor Bill