Focus: Sermon Series May 10- June 14

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Focus: Seeking God’s Preferred Future

All of scripture we hear the ideas of God’s will being done mentioned, and Jesus promise for us to have an abundant life (John 10:10).  It sounds good until it doesn’t, until life gets in the way, until our focus shifts from God, to something else.  In this series we will look at a number of things that tend to draw our focus away from the abundant life God has for us onto, and what God wants us to focus on as we live into the abundant life Jesus promises to us.

May 10: Genesis 16:1-6 – Focus: Control

Most Christians want to follow God.  And most would also tell you waiting on God’s leading or direction is one of the hardest parts of following Him.  It’s easy when we get impatient, or are not liking His answer to say to ourselves, “time to take matters into my hands,” and you would be in good company, since many in scripture wrestled with the same challenge.


May 17: Acts 9:10-19: Focus: People

Sometimes we are the greatest barrier to seeing God’s Will happen in our lives, because we don’t know what we don’t know.  It is tough not to fall into the trap of assuming the only way forward, is a way we know, and way we have gone before.  God confronts a disciples about doing ministry different as part of God’s great plan to change the world.


May 24: Break

May 31: Exodus 6:1-13  Focus: How?

Sometimes the hardest part of following what God wants for us, is that God does things different than we do.  God promises to Moses and Aaron that Israel will be freed from slavery, just not how Moses and Aaron would have done it.

June 7: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43: Focus: Perfection

Church is a wonderful place, until it gets filled with people.  Sometimes the hardest part of living into God’s plans is the unique people that He calls us to share that journey with.  In Jesus parable He provides some wisdom and insight about the eclectic gathering that is the church.

June 14: Acts 1:4-9: Focus: Power

As we think about what it means to follow God it is hard for us to separate God’s call from plans, programs, and ways of doing things.  We want to follow God, and we want a 5 year plan, the 3 bullet points, the strategic layout so that we can do it.  Yet often living into God’s preferred future is taking one step of faith at a time, and listening for God’s instructions on the way.