Easter Leftovers

The day has finally arrived.  As a Flavin kid Christmas was a big deal.  Decorations, presents, family gatherings and games were just a few reasons Christmas was a big day in our house.  It was hard to sleep the night before because we were so excited for the long-awaited day.  Then Christmas finally came and after a whirlwind of a day, we found ourselves in bed, tired and emotionally spent.  Our adrenaline was finally allowing our heart rate to return to normal, and we wondered to ourselves, now what?

Jesus’ followers knew this feeling well.  They scattered after Good Friday, fearful for their lives and wondering, what do they do now?  Their leader died.  So they went and hid.  I am sure they wondered now what?  They spent the last three years following Jesus around and learning from Him, but now He was not here to follow around so what is next for them? 

As a pastor, I feel the same way about Easter.  For weeks churches talk about Easter and its importance.  On Easter Sunday many churches and Christians bring their A-game, the best clothes, food, music, decorations, and more.  What happens when we wake up the day after Easter?  For many of us, everything goes back to normal, as if Easter never happened.  Churches put away all the fanfare not to be used again till Christmas; people put away their special clothes until next Easter.  It begs the question, what did Easter really change?  If Jesus really conquered sin and death and paid the price for our brokenness, then why does our world not look any different?

Mahatma Gandhi put it well when he said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  If we believe that on Easter Jesus changed something, that Easter makes a difference in our lives, then perhaps the change begins with everything we do.  Maybe the day after Easter change begins with how we treat those around us, the way we handle challenges at work and home.  In Scripture Jesus makes it clear to his followers, his departure, doesn’t mean the work is done, but instead, it is just beginning.


Pastor Bill 

Discussion Questions

  1. What does Easter mean to you?
  2. How will you be the change you want to see?
  3. How could you encourage other in this?