Don’t Miss It

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers,

for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Hebrew 13:2


These words open the conclusion of the book of Hebrews.  Do not forget to show hospitality, because you may be entertaining angels without knowing it.  This past week I was at a conference at my seminary and had a chance to catch up with some old classmates and professors.  One of my favorite conversations was with one of my professors.  I was talking with him about memorable moments from his class, and some of the things that had really stuck with me even now a few years past graduation.  His face was priceless as I shared.  He could not believe some of the “simple” things from his class that I remembered.  The fact that he would ask about how my wife and I were doing, the after class conversations about life outside the seminary; all sorts of conversations that might have seemed off the cuff or inconsequential to him, but years later were formational for me.


Each day your life is filled with a variety of interactions.  You talk with people at the grocery store, as you pick your kids up, at the office, and on the web via email or Facebook or Twitter.  We have opportunities that God places in front of us each day to represent Him, and to impact another person’s life.  Paul’s message in this verse is to be attentive, because what you may see as a “simple,” “basic,” or “normal” interaction might change someone’s day, or even their life.  God works through us in the big and the small.  Be attentive to the people and opportunities God places in your life, who knows you might be “entertaining angels.”


Pastor Bill


Discussion Questions

  1. Where are some places that you spent time at regularly that you could be a witness for God?
  2. How might you have a chance to share Christ’s love in a “small” or “normal” way throughout your day?